Essay on Family Culture Of The Filipino Culture

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All of us have grown up in different ways. All of us have different influences and family culture that shaped us into who and what we are today. We are usually raised based on our gender as a male or female. In society, the men are typically the ones who do the yard work, driving, fixing the car or other issue in the house that requires fixing. The typical woman that most people see usually does the laundry and folding/hanging clothes, cooking the meal, gardening, staying home watching the children, and a lot more. I remember a lot of my experiences during my childhood. I think that the way I was raised and how the personalities of the people around are have had a lot of influence on me. The way I was raised has also had an impact with my gender as a male. In the Filipino culture, the man is usually the one who goes to work if one off the parents needs to stay home and watch the young child. The man is also taught to respect elders and women in the family and friends. During high school, when I would go out to a place such as the movie theater with a girl, my parents always told me to pay for the girl even if she was not my “girlfriend.” I also remember having a girlfriend during high school. Whenever we argued when she was over at my house, my mother and father always told me to stop because a real man would not fight a girl. Another experience with a girl was when one girl I did not want anything to do with, kept coming to our house after I wanted to end…

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