Family Circle Essay

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Family Circle
9. What did I learn about relationships (family, marital, parent/child, friendship) from my own family growing up? Crafting this project has allowed me time to reminisce about my past. I have learned so much from my family and youth, yet just as much since the numerous years on my own and with my husband. Focusing solely on the eighteen years spent under my parents’ roof, I learned the simple, yet important lessons of sharing, empathy, and kindness. Having an older sister and two loving and supportive parents allowed me to learn these important lessons. I also learned that hard work and determination is important when I want to achieve a goal. Additionally, I learned not to give up if attaining a goal takes more time than I expect.
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Of course there were more obvious rules like, no hurting/hitting/name calling, no swearing, clean up after yourself . . . so on and so forth. However, the non-conventional rules are to follow. My sister and I took piano lessons once a week from the age of four until the age of eighteen; therefore we were expected to practice 30 minutes a day minimum, and we couldn’t “play” until finished. Similarly, homework was expected to be completed before any television or friend time. In fact, television/phone (later computer) time was considered a privilege that needed to be earned and never abused. We were also a family concerned about energy use (since my dad was an electrical engineer). We were encouraged to keep the home temperature lower in winter and higher in summer, and to turn off anything that was not in use or necessary. Even using the oven (baking) was frowned upon during hot summer months. Additionally, cleanliness and nutrition was highly encouraged (probably because my mom was/is an …show more content…
All of this positive encouragement has been priceless. Although we have no children, my husband and I are pleasantly content with our lives and each other. My sister has a son (Caleb) that is benefiting from our wonderful upbringing, since my sister is utilizing some of the same parenting techniques. My husband’s family is different in many ways from my family, and has brought to my attention many things that I am now grateful for. For example, gift giving, although it is a simple action, countless unwritten rules determine messages we send each other during reciprocity. In my immediate family we never rejected a gift, regardless what it was, and expressed gratitude. Yet, countless times my husband’s mother has rejected gifts we have tried to give her. Although I understand why she does this, it still hurts my feelings. Although these miniscule differences can, at times, frustrate me, I am grateful for my husband’s wonderful

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