Family Camp At Lake Hills And We Need The Emergency Essay

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It all happened in an instant I was running to the family camp site and on the way I caught a glimpse of blood gushing out of Peter 's feet. I panicked, I didn 't know what to do, so I decided to call 911 to help out Peter. I saw John, Peter’s dad sprinting towards us bringing a medkit to stop Peter’s wound from bleeding out so much. Looking around I saw the Otter that attacked Peter wondering there is no way a small creature could do this type of damage to a human. As I started to walk towards the otter behind the creature there was even more standing behind the Otter. It was a army of otters that attacked Peter, so I turned around and yelled “RUN!!” to escape the angry pack of otters.

“911 what is your emergency?” “ Um… yes hello we need your help immediately! We are at lake hills and we need the paramedics ASAP!”

“ Sir please try to remain calm and try to explain what happened.” “ Well this weird fuzzy creature attacked a kid name Peter and his leg won 't stop bleeding i think it was some kind of beaver or something and we don 't know what to do. He won’t stop screaming because of the pain.”

“Okay sir the paramedics are on their way please try to remain calm unti…..” “Ahh the beaver just bit me and now there is a whole pack of them and they are coming after us please hurrr…..”

“ Hello…… Hello….. are you still there?”

It was a thursday afternoon and John parked his car in my driveway. I was wondering what my brother was doing here because he usually doesn 't…

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