Family Bonding Essay

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Register to read the introduction… A person may argue that family bonding is through blood. There’s no doubt that family is connected through blood, but why are there families with adopted kids? I have a friend whose parents adopted all their four kids, yet my friend still considers the adopted individuals as a family. Because families are busy, a limited amount of time together will satisfy the bonding for a family. One hour once a week for family bonding spent together is to enjoy a show and talk about it. This family bonding moment is special to the family members because nowadays modern families are busy. Yet, a question that can be raise is does that one hour help family bond emotionally and share their expressions? According to Winn, seventy- eight percent of families do not talk while a show is on. Yet when I questioned my floor mate about his family bonding moments, he spends one hour with his family once a week and they converse after a show. My floor mate argues that the one hour does help his family bond. Although short time does help family bonds, it does not allow the family to bond individually and reminisce about their family past …show more content…
You might think it is society that has affected me or the children whom are influenced by television. Even though society is continuously getting busier and more logical, it is not that society has changed so families don’t communicate. Television had taken over the bonding moments. For instance, in the article, a female from Chicago stated a family ritual that was changed after the existence of television. “…every holiday…I just remember how wonderful it used to be…And then all the sudden one year I remember becoming aware of how different everything had become…because we had a television…” (Winn, p. 442). Basically, the woman is saying that television had changed her family to pay more attention to television and not talk. Television does create the atmosphere that people do not talk, but there are exceptions. An exception is television offer family entertainment like the Superbowl. Because families can’t afford the ticket to the game, while the Superbowl is on the television, it allows family to bond over a sport and the commercials playing. This is a positive aspect of television, but this only happens once a year. Television has impacted family

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