Family Assessment Essay

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My family health assessment was conducted using the 11 Gordon functional health pattern. Marjorie Gordon’s functional health pattern is a guide for establishing a comprehensive nursing date base, using the 11 categories enable nurses determines the following aspects of health and human function (Gordon 1987). The Gordon 11 functional health patterns are health perception/health management, nutrition, elimination, activity/exercise, cognitive, sleep/rest, self perception/self concept, roles and relationships, sexuality and reproduction, coping and stress tolerance, values and belief. This paper will summarize the findings of each health pattern as well as the family based nursing
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Stress is more of family related, but both parent speak with one voice, and take mutual decisions in stressful times. Father sometimes takes medications to sleep/relax, but mother do not take any medication and can easily fall asleep once children are in school and four month old baby is asleep.
The assessment of value and belief is reflected on the family cultural practices, values and beliefs, and spiritual life. The family maintains their cultural practices when it comes to behavior acceptable to the society, home medication remedies, cultural attires, food preferences etc. Regarding home remedies for health promotion and illness prevention, this family seeks medical treatment from doctors and specialists and visits the clinic/hospitals for treatment. This family is Christian that believes in the power of fasting and praying. They seek God’s face in every situation, have good support system from fellow church members, respect and spend time with one another, and are very flexible when it comes to adopting and accepting western lifestyle.
Based upon the assessment, two wellness nursing diagnoses was determined. Disturbed sleep pattern due to night shift rotation, and readiness for enhanced family coping due to lack of child care support. Father is unable to get enough sleep while taking

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