Family As A Social Institution Essay

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Family plays a special role in the history of human society. It’s the most important and greatest institution in the world. Family is the first building block in the body, and the solid foundation of society. Family played a major role in the creation of suitable and appropriate for the individual to exercise his role and the transition in the stages of natural growth humanitarian climates to adulthood. If we look around us, whether in the family or outside the perimeter, we find some happy families enjoying a high degree of compatibility in its members, and the children of these families enjoys psychological satisfaction, to achieve this happiness we have to concern for the family. The family is generally regarded as a major social institution and a locus of much of a person 's social activity. This is the case in most Egyptian families. Family in Egypt is the most important social institution is the whole system of relationships, marriage and family, economic and legal, ethical and psychological. The Family in Egypt gaining its importance because its one of the important social systems, that cares about its members since they arrive to this world and raise them and teach them the culture of the community and its traditions The Egyptian families consisting of a father, mother and kids, and the ties were extremely important that’s why they always keep it strong. The mother in the Egyptian family had little role in the community life, and she is the one who supervised the…

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