Family and Substance Abuse Paper

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Family and Substance Abuse Paper
Launita J.
Grand Canyon University
March 11, 2013

Family and Substance Abuse Paper
When an individual has a disorder with substance abuse and how family is involved, it can be a very uncomfortable situation for both the abuser and family members. When the abuser is an adolescent, the program may need consent from the adolescent before communicating with the parent, whether the communication is over the course of counseling or a one time communication (TIP 31). Both drugs and alcohol affects both sides because an addiction will create problems with communication. When one seeks help for his or her addiction, the entire family should be involved if
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The rules of every family operate to a set of principles. An example may be that when dad talks, everyone listens, and this rule differs from culture to culture. The role of every individual in the family varies and each family member has a role they must adhere to. Many families alter the rules and roles as time changes within life. Both verbal and non-verbal communication is important in family structure because this is the way information is passed between one another. Proximity plays a large role within the family because a 2-year-old is dependent of his or her parents, while a 16-year-old is pushing away for freedom. With boundaries and hierarchy, this part of the family patterns can be both good and bad. Some family members are happy for one ot achieve something in life, while the other brother or sister may by upset because that family member is independent (McCollum & Trepper, 2001). North American Indians had little exposure to alcohol before whites arrived. The Western frontiers had potent alcoholic beverages and were widely available.
Family systems vary from culture to culture because every culture has their own traditions and beliefs, which shapes the worldview of society. Most cultures have used and abused drugs and alcohol throughout times. The cultural belief shapes one’s behavior in regards to substance use and abuse. Culture play a role in individual’s expectations about what problems may exist with

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