Family And Peer Relationships: The Most Important Agents Of Socialization

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Important Agents of Socialization:
Why the Family and Peer Relationships are the most important
How do we develop our views of the world, ourselves and others? Or learn what is right and wrong, how to act in society and how to care for ourselves? It all derives from socialization. Socialization is defined as “The social processes through which children develop an awareness of social norms and values and achieve a distinct sense of self (Giddens, 85)”. There are two stages of socialization that happen in a person 's life. The first stage is called primary socialization which transpires in infancy and early childhood. It is when the most profound span of cultural learning occurs. In this stage kids learn things, language and some vital actions, from family that help them succeed in the
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The second stage of socialization is called secondary socialization. This stages starts in later childhood and continues into adulthood. In this stage people develop their own values and norms along with learning their cultures. They learn this through everything they come into contact with. The places or things where people get socialized are called agents of socialization, “Groups or social contexts within which processes of socialization take place (Giddens, 85)”. The main five are the family, school, work, peer relationships and mass media. Although all five of the agents of socialization have an important role throughout a person 's life the two most important are family and peer relationships. Family and peer relationships are the most important agents of socialization because they start to impact us at an early age and continue to do so for the

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