Family Analysis On Non Blood Related Family Essay

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I am the eldest of two sisters by blood, this paper is not giving research on non-blood related siblings. My sisters and I have very different personalities (which I understand is common) but it always came to my attention especially when I met my boyfriend and his two sisters. My boyfriend and his sisters have the same personalities like my sisters and I with the order we were all born in. Therefore, I chose to do the topic of birth order and personality, to see if there is a significance or if these two situations were just a coincidence. My topic is related to family resource management because the number of children you have definitely affects the family and how a family needs to manage. My topic is also related because of the possible patterns of behavior parents and families may have to manage. It can be challenging raising and be giving discipline to children who are all different, but if there is a pattern with birth order and personality it can help families to be able to manage easier.


People have been interested in a relation to birth order for a long time and are even some of the top selling parenting books. There have been different types of studies that have a relation with the birth order but I am going to try and narrow it down to personality. I think it’s important and helpful to know if there is a relationship between birth order and personality. There were two main psychologists that have studied this topic, Sigmund Freud…

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