Family : A Traditional Family Essay

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Usually we consider a traditional family to have a male, female and children they care for, when the female is the homemaker and the male to be the breadwinner. The idea of the male breadwinner and the nurturing mother as the traditional family appeared only in the 19th century, when “the white middle-class families became less patriarchal and more child-centered” (Coontz, 1). When I was growing up, roles in my family have been changing to some degree. Before my parents got married, my mom was a tailor, and my dad worked as a welder. However, after they got married and I was born, my mom quit her job. From that time my mom stayed home and became the homemaker, while my dad was the breadwinner. My dad was the main source of the family’s income, but my mom did put something in to. My family wasn’t always fully traditional. From the time I could remember myself, I remember that my mom always had a great respect and love for my dad, and the last word in our family always was after my dad. My dad greatly loved (and still does) my mom, an even though he technically did have more authority in our house than my mom, he never used it against any of us. He is a really wise man, and he always includes everyone’s opinions in his decisions. When there was a time when we did not have enough money to pay for everything, and my mom had to return back to being a tailor, which she did before my parents got married. One time that I remember which really made me grow up is when I was 7. Both of…

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