Families During The Civil War Essay

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Imagine splitting up from your family just because you have different opinions about something. This is what families experienced during The Civil War. The Civil War was a time when there was a lot of fighting, not only on the battlefield, but within families as well. Lots of families were split up because husbands and sons were drafted into the war. People’s opposing beliefs on the war divided families. During The Civil War, families were impacted because of the absence of family members, the division of families, and the death of family members. Families during The Civil War were impacted on both sides of the family. The wives of the family were impacted in a few ways. One way they were impacted was because they could not take all the responsibilities the husbands had. Many wives that lived on a farm could not keep up with all the jobs to do. If the husband and the sons were drafted into the war, then the wives had an even more difficult time doing all the jobs. Lots of wives even went as far to try to convince their husbands to desert the war. The men were impacted just as much as the woman if not more. The men felt hopeless because the only way they could contribute to their families was by sending them letters and money they made. In daily letters between a surgeon and his family, he asks his wife why she did not send him a letter one day. This shows how lonely men in war can get. The men of the war suffered from many things other than loneliness such as disease and…

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