Essay False Reporting And Criminal Activity

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False reporting is an afflicting issue that is universal to crimes, many times regardless of the crimes’ nature, the crimes’ location, and the crimes’ severity. The laws in place in many states in the United States of America include a statute on the false reporting of a crime and alleged criminal activity to law enforcement. In the current statute held by the state of Minnesota it states what constitutes as a false report and that a false report is that if anyone who knowingly informs a law enforcement officer of a crime that has been committed or gives information knowing that it is false in the intent that the officer will then act upon that information is guilty of a gross misdemeanor. (MN, 609.505) If an individual that is accused of false reporting is found guilty of this gross misdemeanor the perpetrator can face a penalty of up to 1 year’s imprisonment and a $1,000 fine. This same penalty of imprisonment and fine is true for the crime of dissemination of false or misleading information to law enforcement. In the Unified Crime report posted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2012 the total amount of violent crimes reported national totaled at 1,214,464 reports, Minnesota having 12,419 of those total reports. (FBI, UCR) How many of these 1,214,464 reports are actually authentic, and how is that relevant to today?
One of the most common questions when reviewing statistics on the reporting of crimes is how many of these crimes that are reported to law enforcement…

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