False Ideology Essay

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Karl Marx was a German philosopher, economist, sociologist, journalist and revolutionary socialist who studied and developed with the term Marxism. The study of Marxism is a school of thought that provides the supporting analysis of what the world is assembled by. The construction of Marxism revolves around two main classes, bourgeoisie the capitalist class and proletariat the working class. By examining the two senses or understanding of ideology: false consciousness and dominant the concept of ideology itself and how it works will become apparent.
Ideology as false consciousness permits a way of thinking that prevents a person from identifying the true nature of their social or economic status. Society makes fetishes or beliefs that tend
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Even though the politician is not sponsoring the working class, they will still vote for them. The individual might vote for a tax cut for more wealth then he or she has, even thou the tax money could have been used to better the individual’s community. The working class wants to have something or someone that supports them so they can keep striving in life and one day hopefully succeed. False consciousness leads the working class to believe in views that fit above them in the social rank or economy status, this keeping the unjust system in place. False consciousness is a sense of ideology that strives from a myth or illusion, that helps one move on in their life. The illusion may be unrealistic but it response to real life needs and desires. The example used in class was the “American Dream” a myth that all humans strive for; entitling that if you work hard enough you can support your family and have the perfect …show more content…
This claims the values and morals that are established in each period of history. The ruling class, for example economic and political leaders, defines these values. Marx believed the working class accepted society’s dominant ideology as natural and was inescapable to them. Individuals with the economic power controlled society and used the working class, the ones without power for personal gain. Dominant ideologies helped the more fortunate (capitalist class), taking advantage of the less fortunate (working class). The balance of power stays constant through these principles. This theory explained that laws, educational opportunities, and class division kept the lower class in its place. The working people are not aware that they are being treated unfairly or being used, they accepted the dominant ideology as the way in which the world works. Marx believed these factors were important to an operating society, which maintained the status quo. “The ruling ideas are nothing more than ideal expressions of the dominant material relations...” (Marx and Engels, 2001, 39). This quote enlightens how the ruling class expresses their ideas as if they are for the society as a whole and for the common good when in reality they are mostly directed to the dominant class. Dominant ideologies were beliefs that we live by everyday; which we

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