False Advertising Essay

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False Advertisements Advertisements are very annoying but they can get people to buy things very easily, advertisers will do anything to sell their item. This leads to false advertisements. False advertisements refers to a manufacturer 's use of confusing, misleading, or blatantly untrue statements when promoting a product. It is a huge problem because they promise things they cannot give, they say lies about their competitors to make themselves seem better, even if it could put the other company out of business, and lastly, companies that sell food make their food seem healthier than they actually are.
Although some may not view false advertising as an issue, it is a big problem because a lot of the time they promise things that they cannot
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If more people were aware of the consequences of false advertising then there would be less of it. Some ways we can get people to have self awareness is to make it more of a public problem. The problem can become public is by putting stories of people buying products on the news to make sure people are aware of that products/companies lying. Some ways people could question these tactics is they could say things like “Why waste time on the news when there are important stories?” One way someone could refute this is by saying that people are wasting their money on products that don’t even work such as the Olay wrinkle cream. Another more serious thing that could be advertised on the news that would not waste important news times are food products and things that could potentially harm someone. Some food products that are said to have no preservatives to sell more of their food but that could make someone sick, such as Activia causing indigestion. A way that false advertising could cause potential harm to someone is the new balance example. Those shoes made people lose balance which was dangerous. This solution would help prevent people from spending money on things that don’t work and are potentially

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