Fallen Angels By Walter Dean Myers Essay

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This Realistic Novel called Fallen Angels was written By Walter Dean Myers and was publicized in 1988. This book is very controversial and viewed very differently by some people. Which is why I chose to ultimately read it and do a report about. Some people loved this book and some people hated it. I was one of the ones to completely fall in love with this very dramatic and realistic Novel. It was written about the Vietnam War. Walter Dean Myers was a war veteran who enlisted in the war at the very young age of seventeen and wrote about his experiences. He thought enlisting in the military would be a better way of life and give him a way out of his current life he wanted better for himself and that is why he made the choice he made. Myers was in the military for a total of three years. His book basically reflected his experience, a few things where changed slightly like the name of the characters. The book was ultimately written in remembrance of his younger brother who sadly died the first day in combat. Fallen Angels is a very accurate and realistic Novel about what really happens in war and in at times a tough read but very eye opening to the realities of the Vietnam War.
The main Character in this book went by the name of Richie. Richie graduated from Harlem and joined the Army. He was a very intelligent young man but because of the lack of money with his mom being a single parent he chose to better his life by joining the military and leaving the slums of Harlem. In the…

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