The Fall Of The Innocent Book Analysis

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Fall of the Innocent During the whole of a dull, dark, and soundless day in the autumn of the year 1889, when the clouds hung oppressively low in the heavens, Robert Jones, a wealthy 29 year old, is on his way to visit his close sister, Sarah. Robert is a slightly tall, well-respected man with brown wavy hair and brown eyes. They are the only two children of Henry and Margaret Jones who both died of a pitiful and mysterious disease a decade ago. When Henry and Margaret died, they left their estate along with a plentiful amount of money to their two children. In the last 10 years Robert and Sarah have continually grown closer, especially in the last year when Sarah's husband died and left a painfully deep hole in her life.
Robert is looking forward to sitting in front of a calm fire and sharing a full cup of coffee with his congenial sister. Much to his surprise, Sarah did not answer her door when he arrived. This was an anomaly as she usually was watching out the window just waiting for him to arrive. He lets himself in and finds her lying recumbent in her bed. Upon further inspection, he realizes she is abnormally still and her gentle face has grown pale. Her face was a
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As the skittish Chester is trying to slip in, he knocks over an ancient dish. It falls to the ground with a crash penetrating the silence around him. Immediately after, a dog is howling and nipping at Chester’s feet. This annoys the very tense Chester and in a quick movement of his hand, he puts an end to the restless dog. Chester finally reaches Robert’s room and finds him stirring in his bed. Robert suddenly sits up and demands Chester to get out of his house. Chester does not listen to a word Robert says and instead goes running straight at him. Chester plants the evil knife used to kill Sarah and the dog firmly into Robert’s chest. Robert screams, slumps over, and takes his final

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