Grand View University-Fall Music Concert

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A coworker named invited me to her daughter’s concert at Grand View University- Fall Music concert, on October 26, 2014 at 7pm. It was held at Luther Memorial Church. This small church was packed. It was uncomfortable, but it was free.
The concert was presented by Grandview University’s Department of Music. My co-worker’s daughter is studying to become a music teacher. She is soprano singer. I did get to meet her before the concert. She warned me that the band was going to be bad because there were a lot of freshmen in it. I said, I didn’t mind, my ears are no good anyway.

There was not a formal announcement made before the program started. I thought the band started playing as soon as they assembled. But I assumed the very beginning of the program was when the conductor came up front. The program opened with the Festival Prelude
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This one was right up my alley. As soon as the oboe came on, I thought, oh yeah, now with some real music. This piece was rather exotic. I pictured the beautiful Delilah dancing, and seducing Samson, the strongest man ever existed. I absolutely love the theme of this piece. I can’t get enough of the melody, love it every time it returns, no matter what instrument was playing it. The whole song was just a joy to listen to, and it sounded somewhat oriental, maybe middleeastern. The second part of the program was the Kantorei, acapella. They sang four songs in this order: A tickle by Jonathan Miller, An die Heimat by Johannes Brahms, Wind by Ryan Scott, Ihr Music by Hans Leo Hassler. This part got me so bored. My ears were not fascinated with how wonderful their voices were. Some of the singers in Kantorei also participated in the last part of the program, which was the whole choir. Their first song was the O Magnum Mysterium, followed by the Glory Manger, then the Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head, and lastly, finally, they sang the Come in

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