Faith Of Action Paper : Faith

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Faith in Action Paper I spent my 15 faith service hours volunteering for Feed My Starving Children and I helped the maintenance crew around the school. While I did this I made new friends and grew as a person as well as in my faith. I probably spent about 8 or more of my service hours volunteering for Feed My Starving Children. Before when I was younger, I would go in because my older sister needed service hours and scoop some veggies and powder into a funnel for an hour and a half. Then after the session my sister would have me walk up to the counter and ask for a slip of paper with the service hours on it, so she give them to her school’s counselor and get the hours out of the way faster. But that was it. The organization meant nothing to me and I never really paid attention to their cause. Whenever my mom said we had to go I’d ask, “Why are we going to Feed My Starving Children? I’m not even hungry!” It wasn’t until recently when the organization really impacted me. In the beginning of the year we were assigned 15 faith service hours for freshman year. For me, as well as almost every other freshman, I saw very little motivation for this and planned on waiting until the end of the year to start on the hours. It was around late January when my mom brought up the hours and asked me how I was going to get them done. I said I’d do something easy like Feed My Starving Children and be done with it. So she reserved some slots for us to go in and work for an hour and a half.…

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