Faith Integration : Business And The Bible Essay

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Faith Integration: Business and the Bible
A worldview is a set of ideas, values, and beliefs that make up the world. Everyone bases their life off of their worldview. Christians should strive to align their worldview with the Bible. In dealing in business, a person should exhibit covenantal behavior. Christians are in covenant with God through Jesus Christ. Business acquaintances should mirror this behavior because they are in covenant with others. It is important to strive to serve one another and be accountable to each other (Fischer, 2011).
Time Value of Money and the Bond Market Two of the most important concepts in finance are the time value of money and the bond market. “Time value of money is a very important topic in finance because it represents the building block and basic tool for many other fundamental topics such as bond valuation, stock valuation, capital budgeting, and options valuation” (Martinez, 2013). These concepts can be observed from a biblical perspective, as told in the parable from Jesus in Matthew 25. Jesus did most of His teaching through the use of parables. The parable of the bags of gold that demonstrates not only the time value money but also the bond market. This parable is centered on three servants and their master, in which he gives each of these servants a certain quantity of bags of gold based on their skills. The first servant was given five bags of gold, the second servant was given two bags of gold, and the…

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