Faith Integration And Social Work Essay

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Faith Integration and Social Work
There has long been a debate as to whether Christianity can be integrated into Social Work practice. As social workers, we are taught that faith is a topic that should not be discussed in treatment with clients and that we need to keep our values, biases and religion away from our work. The code of ethics that was established helps to keep us accountable for our actions and assists in making decisions. I do believe that it is possible to have both faith and a good social work practice successfully. In order to be successful at integrating the two, the social worker must make sure to maintain the values and ethics of the profession and always keep the clients best interest in mind. The social worker must also be knowledgeable about the various treatments and interventions that are available. One of the major treatments that social workers use is evidence-based practice. The use of evidence-based practice has become the accepted way to treat clients with mental illness as well as trauma and abuse. These practices are largely rooted in scientific evidence and therefore are seen as the best way to treat clients. These practices have been through rigorous experiments and have proven to promote change and healing in clients. While evidence-based practices are a great way to work with clients, and they have been proven successful, there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration. There are four major concerns that must be…

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