Faith in the Life of Pi Essay

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Faith in the Life of Pi ¶When it comes to a battered subject such as faith, one could arguably say that faith is one of the most highly discussed and highly controversial subjects amongst humans all over the world. I, myself, have never really been much of a religious person during my life. My father was raised in a very Jewish household where he attended Hebrew school, celebrated Passover and Hanukkah every year and ate kosher meals. My mother was raised as a Christian, although I’m not too sure if she attended church on a regular basis because my grandmother was an immigrant from Japan so she wasn’t exactly the biggest Christian. So throughout my life we have celebrated Hanukkah and Christmas together as a family to keep in touch with …show more content…
As I said earlier, I do support and agree with some of the lessons and teachings from certain religions and I am willing to believe if I am given a good enough reason to believe, and to me this is what faith is. ¶Piscine from the novel, Life of Pi loves science. Science, along with reason, helps us control and manipulate the world. It's how we survive in the world. But Pi points out that like religion; science has an element of faith in it. The scientist often commits to a worldview of atheism and to the methods of his discipline. For Pi though, this isn't enough. Science can explain the world up to a certain point, but its usefulness ends. According to Pi, when things get really hairy, religion has to step in with a good old-fashioned story. So a perfect combination of the religion and science can lead to a fulfilling life.
¶Piscine from the novel is anything but an agnostic. He majored in religious studies and Zoology, an interesting mix of science and religion. Pi has the uncanny willingness to believe whatever he thinks sounds good. At one point in his life he was Catholic, a Muslim and also practiced Hinduism so one could say that he was unsure about his religion because he liked the teachings of all those religions and decided to follow all of them at the same time where he was quickly shot down by his father and others. Pi’s family members tell him that he cannot follow

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