Essay on Faith At Work By Russell Shorto

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Those who regularly attend religious services are twice as likely to describe themselves as “very happy” than those who never attend services. This startling statistic, found in a study conducted by The Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture demonstrates the power religion can have in creating happiness in a person’s life. All religions, whether the religion is Christianity, Islam, or Buddhism, preach a message which can instill values such as love and peace in people which can accordingly cause happiness. Religious believes can apply this happiness to ordinary life through business, as in the article “Faith at Work” by Russell Shorto, in which he examines the application of faith to the workplace, specifically at a Christian bank in Minnesota. I further evolve what he wrote in his article and argue that the application of religion to the workplace is a positive concept, as it can instill values of happiness and positivity in the workplace. However, I believe that only having Christian oriented businesses in the United States does not bring the benefits of religion to their full potential, as this ignores those who are not a member of the Christian faith. All in all, I believe that the usage of religion in the workplace, as shown in Russell Shorto’s “Faith at Work,” benefits society as it can create a positive workplace environment, a theory supported by numerous studies demonstrating the benefits of religion; however, I believe that society can use C Wright…

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