Essay on Faith And Preaching During The Civil War

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Wesley’s look at politics, which affected faith and preaching during the Civil War, is different from his former counterpart historians. Wesley strives to prove that both the North and South were heavily influenced by its preachers during the Civil War. Wesley provides his theses with valuable evidence that the politics, which were preached by South and North leaders of the church, were different, but the goal was the same: to encourage their troops and supporters on their side of the war, and to biblically support their political positions. Religion and politics were motivating and moving factors for clergy during the Civil War. In fact, the Civil War had changed the way in which the average Americans viewed the first amendment. By the end of the war, denominations would split from North and South due to the issue of slavery; one example of this was the Lutheran Church, which would not become reunited until “1918”. Due to the new shift in politics and the institution of slavery, preachers were not always looked upon in a good way; in fact they were sometimes accused of “disloyalty.” The overall consequences of being deemed disloyal often ended in death and at times not the most pleasant of deaths.
Continually throughout Wesley’s book, there is a plethora of quotations directly from the preachers and political figures of the Civil War. The use of these primary sources in a book that is about the preachers and political activists, their beliefs, and influences…

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