Fairy Tales Of All Time Essay

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The fairy tale is a genre of literature that has been around for hundreds of years in cultures all over the world; some stories have a surplus of versions from different cultures one of the most popular among these stories is, Cinderella. Children usually hear about fairy tales from a very young age whether their parents read stories to them, or they watch a movie about the stories. These stories give children an open mind about circumstances that will never happen to them. However, over the years these stories have changed, some have had a dramatic change meanwhile others remain almost the same with minimal changes. The story of Cinderella is probably one of the most famous fairy tales of all time, and the most common story in a book of fairy tales.Every child loves this story because of the morals the story has of “rags to riches”, and hard work can pay off in the end. Cinderella is a story for a person of any age or gender to read, because of the four-hundred plus years of history the story has of helping people through some of the most agitating circumstances, the “cliche” hero and villain the story has, but over the fact the great morals can make anyones day go from subpar to excellent. The “true blue” original story is thought to have been told by a greek historian known as Strabo, where in he tells the story of an Egyptian girl named Rhodopis and how an eagle gives her various objects. There is an abundance of cinderella stories that have been written in the past,…

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