Essay on Fairy Tales By Bruno Bettelheim

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Like any young child growing up fairy tales were everything. They were begged for at night time when sleep was scarce. Fate, a prince, and a princess basically ruled the world of adolescent literature novels. They were a fun way to hear about the mighty knight defeating the dragon to meet the gorgeous princess who was so cruelly locked away. With the thought of telling fairy tales were only for children, film industries are transforming the fairy tale into a realm away from children. While watching these fairy tales transformed into new exciting outlooks the question arise; why do we continue to tell fairy tales? Fairy tales continue to be told because they are entertainment, lessons to be learned, and share a cultural aspects. Fairy tales are a fictional story that the underdog overcomes any situation and becomes victorious. This idea of the underdog winning and getting the “prefect life” gives hope to most anyone reading it. In Bruno Bettelheim’s novel he explains, “For a story to hold the child’s attention, it must entertain him and arouse his curiosity” (Bettelheim). That can even be said to an adult, if the book or fairy tale he or she is reading does not entertain them, very rarely will he or she continue to read it. People do not read fairy tales to hear about their own boring life. Instead they read because they want to hear about a life that is exciting and hopeful. Almost everyone wants their life to end in those famous last remarks. And they live happily…

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