Fairy Tale: Lesson And Contrast Of Fairy Tales Quiz

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4/5 Spanish Lesson Plans
Student will demonstrate understanding of animal vocabulary
Student will be able to listen to read and read fairy tales/fables, focusing on comprehension and analytical skills.
Student will be able to analyze the fairy tales for common elements and genre characteristics.

Lesson 1: Fairy Tale Introduction and Element Identification Elements
Lesson 2: Introduction of Vocabulary from Story 1, Read Story 1, Comprehension Questions from Story 1
Lesson 3: Introduction of Vocabulary from Story 2, Read Story 2, Comprehension Questions from Story 2
Lesson 4: Comparison and Contrast of Fairy Tales Using a Venn Diagram
Lesson 5: Identifying Elements of Fairy Tales Quiz

Lesson 1: Fairy Tale Introduction and Identification
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Setting: takes place in a far off place
Events: contain magical elements
Characters: includes good and bad characters
Message: good characters are rewarded and bad characters are punished
• Student will read picture books and determine whether the story is a fairy tale by analyzing the elements of the story and applying knowledge of fairy tale elements.
• Student will recognize that fairy tales are a genre of literature.

What is a Fairy Tale Chart Is____________ a Fairy Tale Activity
Fairy Tale Story

Student reads the What is a Fairy Tale text and chart.
Students completes the What is a Fairy Tale Activity Page
Student reads the explanation of the essential questions of the lessons.
Provided fairy tale is provided with real aloud feature.
Story is read again, explaining fairy tale elements as they occur.
Student reads the explanation of origins of fairy tales and how they have been passed down orally through the generations.
Student is provided with a second read aloud story. for student to read.
After reading, student determines if the story has elements of a fairy tale.
Student completes the Is____________ a fairy tale
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The grasshopper watched as his friend the Ant was busy looking for food. The Grasshopper asked the ant why he was working. The Ant told the Grasshopper he needed food for the winter. He said the winter would be cold and snow would cover all of the food. The Grasshopper was not worried about winter and he went back to resting on the branch of the tree. After some time, the air became cold and the snow began to fall. The Grasshopper could not find any food to eat. He was cold and hungry. He went to visit the Ant to ask for food. The Ant asked him what he was doing all summer. The Grasshopper explained that he was lazy and that he learned his lesson. The Ant decided to help the Grasshopper and invited him to

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