Criminal Justice Assignment

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The major objective of this assignment is to select an area of criminal justice in which I feel needs to be improved , the area of criminal justice that I feel needs to be improved is that I feel that African-Americans needs to be treated fairly in the criminal justice system. If someone was to look at the statistics of African-Americans in the correctional system it would be alarming. In the last three decades the amount of inmates in American prisons have risen from 500,000 to well over two million inmates. The US has roughly 5% of the entire world population, but has 25% of the world’s prisoners. ("Criminal justice fact," 2014) When one goes to lack at the correctional system by Race, the results are surprising, out of …show more content…
It appears that African-Americans are the target of arrest, search and seizures, as well as traffic tickets. In order to ensure that African-Americans are treated fairly in the criminal justice system and are not being thrown in jail with the key thrown away. There are many improvements that are needed in order to ensure that fairness is given to everyone. One of the first steps to ensuring fairness is to hold law enforcement accountable for their actions, law enforcement officers need to be taught how to conduct a traffic stop, law enforcement officers must also learn when search and force is appropriate. A good solution to making things fairer is by hiring a more diverse police force, police departments across the country needs to do more to recruit minorities, by having more minorities on the police force it would reduce the amount of tension between minorities in the police department. I would recommend that many states get rid of the two and three strikes law, by having such laws nonviolent offenders are sitting in prison instead of working and being a productive member of society. The Two and three strikes laws are targeted towards African-Americans in order to ensure that they spend a lengthy amount of time in a correctional facility. One of the questions that I ask myself is how can we expect people to follow the laws if they do not have a say as to what the laws are; a prime example of this is that when a person is charged with a felony, they lose their right to vote this is geared toward African-Americans being that African-American receive a great number of felonies, I believe that once the person has served his or her sentence and is released from prison they should be allowed to vote. One thing that

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