Fairfax Metropolitan Hospital: the Candidate. Essays

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Boris Muravchik
Linda Treinish
Diversity in the Workplace
13 June 2011
Fairfax Metropolitan Hospital: The Candidate.
In my opinion it’s a very interesting case to discuss, because even though one side of me thinks that it’s a good idea to hire Dr. Soysa to be a new nursing director, the other side of me agrees with some board members regarding the issues that can arise from her weight and age. I can understand the board members regarding their worries about finding a perfect candidate for the nursing director position, as the case states, the hospital needs to modernize department and diversify the staff of the nursing department, and in my opinion to accomplish these goals they need an experienced candidate.
The hiring process can
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If I start thinking about overweight people with a part of mine “American brain”, I would probably recommend overweight people to exercise more, eat anywhere they want, but not everything they want. If the person has an issue with extra weight that dangers him/her and his/her health, I would recommend the surgery, to staple the stomach. Americans culture comparing to Russian culture is more understandable regarding the people’s overweight issues.
Also, very interesting point is that a study conducted in 2004 by Forbes magazine found that if the average American woman gained additional 30 kg, her salary would drop by 9%. Other studies show that on average, obesity can reduce the annual salary of women by 6.2% and male 2.3%.
In my opinion stereotypes are not always right, but sometimes they are. The employer is always concerned about possible losses from the illness of an employee. Obese employees cost U.S. private companies $45 billion annually - the cost of time off and the costs of health insurance. Statistics show that during the period from 1997 to 2004 workers who are overweight, comparing with workers with normal weight, twice as likely to seek compensation insurance, spending on treatment 7 times more time and take additionally 13 days off due to illness or injuries.
Regarding my recommendations to Jorge, I think Jorge must try to explain everyone that she is the best candidate and her background

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