Fair Trade Business Plan Essay

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Fair Trade Business Plan


1 Executive Summary
2 Company Vision
3 Product/Service Description
3.1 Products
3.2 Services
4 Industry Analysis
4.1 Industry Overview
4.2 Company Niche
5 Competition Analysis
5.1 Direct Competition
5.2 Indirect Competition
5.3 SWOT Analysis
6 Marketing Plan
6.1 Target Market Demographic
6.2 Pricing Strategy
6.3 Advertising
6.4 Public Relations and Promotion
6.5 Market Research
7 Operations Plan
7.1 Location
7.2 Equipment
7.3 Purchasing Policies & Quality Control
7.4 Staffing and Training
8 Conclusion

1 Executive Summary

This business plan proposes
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Same day despatch on orders made before 3pm will ensure the fastest possible delivery time, aiming for the highest level of customer service. Items will be posted in appropriate protective with customers paying a standard delivery charge.

4 Industry Analysis 4.1 Industry Overview

The key players in the Fair Trade supply chain are the raw material producers in the ‘Third World’, product manufacturers, wholesalers and Fair Trade retailers. Fair Trade products are sold through a combination of specialist Fair Trade stores (traditional and Internet) and supermarkets. It is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, with the aggregate annual net retail value of Fair Trade products (labelled and non-labelled) currently standing at €660m (£456m) in Europe alone. Sales of Fair Trade products have risen by 20% in each of the last five years, and this is expected to continue as a minimum during the next five years. Officially certified and labelled Fair Trade products amount to approximately 90% (€597m) of this total.

Looking specifically at retailers, there are over 2,800 specialist Worldshop (independent) stores in Europe, accounting for an estimated €120m (£83m) in annual retail sales. Over 55,000 European supermarkets currently carry Fair Trade products, usually including a small range of tea, coffee and fruit. Fair Trade labelled products are quickly

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