Essay about Fair Minded Qualities : An Intellectual Sense Of Justice

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Fair Minded Qualities
To be a fair minded thinker there are many qualities one must possess. Many qualities I never thought to consider when taking a stand on an issue or to look for signs in one’s behavior that would categorize them as a weak critical thinker. It seems that so many of these qualities are basically wanting us, as the thinker, to think for ourselves. To take that extra step to look up or listen to all the details that are required to make a fair, sound judgement and to stand by the same standards in which one advocates. Know when you are wrong or when your belief on a position has been proven wrong and humbly accepting that information. With that being said every week I have read a lecture I am always able to relate to the topic through my experiences as a mother. I found out this week one strength I possess and use every day is an intellectual sense of justice. Two strengths I need to work on improving are intellectual integrity and intellectual empathy.
Every day I am faced with the ugly task of being the enforcer and problem solver for my children. I have to listen to their every complaint and try to be sympathetic to their individual needs. I have to hold each of them to the same standards and cannot play favorites or say one can do something because she is a baby, or she is tired etc. They look to me to be fair and do the right thing. If I did adhere to my feelings and let my emotions come into play when trying to be fair, as the enforcer, it would not…

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