Failures Of The Construction Industry Essay

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In the construction industry, communication is very important as it determines the success of projects. Thus, there are several mistakes that lead to poor communication in this industry that oftenly happens such as lack specificity, lack of focus on desirable behaviors, lack of directness, lack of immediacy, lack of appropriate tone, lack of focused attention and lack of respectful rebuttals.

According to Weisman (2011), lack of specificity is not giving ambiguous and details of information especially project’s information. As an example, project leaders are unable to be specific in giving instructions to their employees. However, they always complain that they need to ask for reports and others from the employees that they already give tasks in order to follow through tasks that have been assigned and sometimes they might need something to be adjusted the submitted tasks which are not done properly. This problem happens as it is not fully blunders by the employees and the project leaders should not have the right to put the blame on the employees. Human is just a human, and he/she cannot read what you might think. Therefore, it is crucial for the project leaders give specific and clear instructions to the workers. Another situation may seen when the leaders or co-workers are unable to communicate with specificity, team members may feel left behind and cannot understand what should they do.

It might seem not mischievous in resulting a poor communication, but it involves…

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