Peace Keeping The Un Research Paper

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The United Nations was formed to create an atmosphere that would minimize war, promote human rights and promote social and economic progress. The organization has been effective when it was first established in October 24, 1945 and has helped countries in search of equality, peace and prosperity in the past. However, there are also lots of failures on the organization’s part as well, especially in the Rwanda war, Sri Lanka war, Sudan war, Congo, terrorist acts and many other violent activities around the world. For example, the sexual abuse scandal in the Congo were many women, children were raped and some forced into prostitution. These incidents make a mockery of the U.N. 's professed commitment to upholding basic human rights. U.N. peacekeepers …show more content…
Also, it is an effective tool to deter some governments that support terrorism. Terrorism and other violent activities are the biggest threat in the world right now and if the United Nations is not placing sanctions on the violating states, these threats will increase to an uncontrollable level that may destroy the world. Therefore, placing sanction on these countries is the right channel to reduce terrorist threats and other acts of violence around the …show more content…
As well they have also failed in many areas in their operations. However, they can be effective again, if they change their strategy by reforming the organization. We believed that if the organization were reformed, they would have a new plan and tactics to address the issue of violence but if no reform is done then they don’t have what is required and the capability to protect our citizens. Finally, we still believe that they are capable of protecting our citizens, but changes have to be made within the organization in other to achieve this goal.

The most important role of the United Nations is to act as a mediator between countries or regions that are in conflict with each other, and to work for the protection of all human rights for all the people. Anytime there is war in any nation around the world the organization will go on a peace keeping mission to the countries involved to make settlement. As well, they help empowering people to realize their rights, and to assist those responsible for upholding such rights in ensuring that they are

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