Failure Of Success And Success Essay

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What Comes From Failure A lot of people do not know how to react to failure. Failure is going to come regardless, whether you like it or not, it’s all about how you cope with it. Failure comes in sports, personal issues, businesses, and everyday life. Everybody wants success and it is one of the grandest things to feel. What people do not know that the people with major success, are the same people that transform their failure to success. Is it possible to transform failure into success? One of the most common topic that people turned failure to success is in sports.
One of the most successful players in basketball history didn’t have it easy but because of his determination and resiliency, he is now arguably the best player to ever play, owner of the Charlotte Hornets, owner of seven restaurants, a car dealership and has a net worth roughly of 1.14 Billion. It looks great now but Jordan did not always have it like this, what a lot of people do not know is that he got cut from his high school and went home, locked his self in the closet and cried. When everything looked terrible and Jordan felt like his just lost his dream, he picked his head up went into the gym practicing harder than ever, making a triumphal come back, and joining the team. Going on to play for North Carolina, then Chicago Bulls, and now one of the greatest, with six rings and successful businessman. Another topic that people can turn a break-down into an affluence is in business. A great example of…

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