Essay on Failure Of Success And Failure

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The Failing of Successful Failures

Success and failure share a paradoxical connection, but one can lead to the other. Reaching success can bring a feeling of satisfaction that can lower ambition. This situation, if not handled properly, can lead to failure due to lack of focus. But in the same spectrum, failure can fuel success, and that is my subject of interest. Failure is one of the steps necessary to succeed. Similar to the testing concept, failure is just the outcome necessary to perfect the final result. But how much power does the word failure hold? Also, why can failure lead to success? does the measure of a greater success depend on the size of failure? Failure is the lack of success, and in society, failure is viewed as a negative event. All individuals strive for success but flinch at the thought of failure. It makes us feel unsecure, and doubtful in our abilities. Failure has always been viewed as the event that can prevent us from success, and some individuals may even retire their dreams if confronted by it. People can think of failure as the end, but in a way, even success is a failure. It is the failure to fail. The negative power linked to failure is due to the perspective we view it in, as it seems that we are much more comfortable accepting any outcome, positive or negative, just for the sake of having a resolution. But what if we thought different about failure, in a sense where it was not the end of the journey but just part of it. Thomas A Edison…

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