Essay on Failure Of Procrastination For Students

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Almost everyone has procrastinated at least once in their lifetime. They either kept on pushing their homework until the end of the day, or they have done their homework speedily with no revisions on their due date. These kinds of actions are the stepping stones to the unruly temptation of procrastination. Nobody should ever be caught in procrastination if they want a good grade in their school. All the time, students regret by the time they realize that their homework does not take a few minutes to finish. They will regret for their accumulation of dreadful homework; and soon, their work becomes an unpleasant task to complete. About the majority of students are procrastinating, and they have the right to know the negative effects it has on them.

There are many causes of procrastination for students in high school. One of them is that peers persuade them to hang out and spend time in shopping centers, and they give in to their peers because they do not want to be picked on; or they don’t want to be left out from their circle of friends. Sometimes students overestimate the time left to complete a task given by their teachers. Due dates come faster than students think. Regret, frustration and stress conquer them until they catch up with their pile full of homework. Students have to realize that causes like assuming that due dates are far away, or admitting defeat to peer pressure will surely cause them to procrastination.

If students start to…

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