Essay on Failure Of Guilt And Guilt

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Disappointment and guilt are not usually emotions that a person feels at once. They are usually felt at different times in different situations but not in this case. I am disappointed because my father survived yet his character perished. I can’t help but feel guilt because of my faulty disappointment.
I was in the third grade when my dad was in his final motorcycle accident. He was in the ICU for slightly over two months. He wasn’t responding to treatments nor was he responding to anyone until I saw him. Because of the fact that I was nine instead of the required age of thirteen, my uncle sneaked me in under his coat. When I finally saw my dad, I had no words. I had never seen anyone look so unnatural. He had a feeding tube projecting into his throat and wires crossing over his arms. I saw a pale stoic face, yet he looked to be in sheer peace. My mom was next to me holding my hand, waiting for my response as if I were going to collapse. I reached out to touch his hand and the heart monitor started to race as if it were a car’s revving engine. This was when I looked up to see his eyes open for the first time. Relief washed over me. Everything around me disappeared into thin air. I could no longer see the pale white walls. I could no longer see the wired monitors. All I could grasp was the thought of having my dad back. The possibility of him actually coming home and having everything go back to normal.
I was sitting in a hospital the room of white walls…

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