Essay on Failure Of Achieving Our Goals

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Overambitious Is the Key to Failure Ambitious is the act of achieving our goals in life despite the struggles we have to face. But sometimes we don’t realize that we’re being overambitious until things go out of control and everything starts to fall apart. Ambition has two parts; a path to success and a path to misfortune. We like the feeling of success, but we have to put in mind that in order for this to happen, we have to watch our actions and take risks. However, to pursue our dreams, we have to learn how to balance things since life and responsibilities don’t go away. This can lead us to go on the wrong path. One of the worst disadvantages or consequences that can occur by being overambitious is that we forget about our responsibilities which then lead to losing our loved ones. In addition, we tend to compete and compare ourselves to others and that is how we forget what ambition really is. Ambition is often the way to success, but it can also be the key to destruction. Rushing on achieving our goals is not the answer to have a successful life. Most people who become addicted to their work become very ambitious because money is their motive. They are known as workaholic, all they do is work that they have no time to enjoy life. Some people who work too hard tends to sacrifice most of their time for work. They would choose work over anything. Their ambition is to success, possibly to help their family with financial or for their selves. Either way, working too much is…

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