Failure In The Great Gatsby Analysis

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What are dreams? According to the webster dictionary a dream is “something that you have wanted very much to do, be, or have for a long time”. Through The Great Gatsby, one of the main characters Gatsby had a dream. This dream was not to have money because he had that. This dream was not to have friends/ acquaintances because he thought he had those. He wanted Daisy Buchanan. Now i know what you are thinking,why does a man have a big dream with him just getting a girl.That reason is because he is in love with her. I believe that through the use of the green light, Fitzgerald helps demonstrate the theme of failure. In chapter one of the book we learn that Nick the narrator/main character is cousins with Daisy Buchanan and old college …show more content…
Tom (Daisy’s Husband) starts to catch on that something might be between Gatsby and Daisy and he is not too fond of it. Now the irony in this is that Tom goes around and cheats on Daisy with trashy girls and expects Daisy to have no problem but when you turn the table he is mad. Nevertheless,Tom wants to confront the two lovers, so he agrees for all to go to New York together. They get a suite and Tom tries all he can to make Gatsby look like a liar. Ultimately Gatsby leaves with Daisy in Tom’s car and hits a bump in the road when “The “death car,” as the newspapers called it, didn’t stop… where Myrtle Wilson, her life violently extinguished” (Fitzgerald). Myrtle Wilson is just a trashy side chick of Tom’s. The car that hit Myrtle was Tom’s yellow car. But Tom was not the driver; he was not even in the car. Only Gatsby and Daisy were in the car. Wilson (Myrtle’s Husband) believes that because it was Tom’s car, he must have been the driver. However Tom tells Wilson that he was not driving his yellow car. Nick finds out that Tom 's yellow car was the one that hit Myrtle but Daisy was driving. Gatsby States “” Was Daisy driving?”Yes,” he said after a moment, “but of course I’ll say I was”” (Fitzgerald). Gatsby’s dream girl just committed numerous crimes but he is so in love that he is just going to take the blame and whatever comes with it. Tom has no problem with telling Wilson that Gatsby is the man to look for to punish for his wife’s murder. So Wilson comes to Gatsby’s house and shoots Gatsby, fatally wounding him. Then Wilson kills himself by shooting himself in the head. Ultimately it worked out great for Tom because his wife’s lover is dead and the man who wanted to probably kill him because he cheated with his wife, is dead. Tom and Daisy end up leaving East Egg and moving away together living their life like nothing

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