Failing Schools Essay

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It is extremely important today to give education the utmost attention, as it is considered a guaranteed insurance into a child’s future. However, it is a usual occurrence for children to fail consistently in many parts of the world especially within the United States. A student who has lost interest in their education will generally pay less and less attention to their teacher and will perform extremely poor on tests and other assessments. In extreme cases students will drop out of school and therefore completely disregard their education and their future. It is important that causes of inability to perform well at school should be figured out before they can be pin down to improve performances in general and long term
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• Negative peer influences are a factor too. "I just don't want to be nerd or the teacher's pet." (I have already heard that!)
• Parents and the other family adults are not just involved enough to bring about the basis of self-motivation.
• Children might not see much relevance of material within their lives. Therefore, they don't see school as providing them with any benefit.
• The teachers might not take sufficient enough steps to increase their students motivation
• Children being absorbed in thinking about the "Now" and not thinking enough about their future could also result in the lack of motivation at school and their education.
Can the problem be with the school itself?
Schools are Wasting Funds/Money
Billions of dollars that go schools remain either unspent or gets wasted away on expensive contracts this is according to a watchdog that accuses ministers on failing to hold head teachers account for on their expenditure progress. The Audit Commission, a public corporation set up in 1983 to protect the public purse, concluded that schools today are wasting nearly 1 billion pounds of public funds per annum by hoard such in banks or failing to make investments to produce better cleaning, meals or equipment. The report concluded that despite the increasingly funding since 1997, the time when labor came to power, head teachers have not been seen pulling all money to effective usage. They

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