Simon Gidek Speech Analysis

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In the speech by, Simon Sinek he states that Millennials are a generation that “were dealt a bad hand.” One of Sinek’s main points is that Millennials are given everything they are seen as entitled, and are not taught that you have to earn what you have, millennials are taught that they can have anything that they want, which is why it is harder for them when they find out the reality you have to work for the things that you have. Another one of Sinek’s points is that when millennials grow up and they enter the work place it is going to be a big reality shock when they see that they don’t win everything and it’s going to come to shock to them when they realize that their boss doesn’t want to give them what they want such as a raise. I agree with the people that say millennials are entitled but this is not necessarily a bad thing yeah millennials are entitled but this depends on how you interpret the word …show more content…
Having things like this has allowed this generation to grow which has helped millennials in the work place for things such as advertisement so that you can get the word out that your business is there. Another personal experience that I have had allowing me to relate to this is that I myself am currently on a athletic team and we were having tryouts and we were able to get the word out about tryout by creating a Facebook page and flyers which let people when they were and all the information they needed to know which attracted people making them want to try out for the

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