Fahrenheit 451 Essay examples

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Day: 1
I don’t know what is going on but, the president put our nation on shutdown. It has seemed that a virus outbreak has turned people into cannibal. The National Guard has been called in and the president told people to stay in their homes and off the streets. I have also seen people in biohazard suits on television
Day: 2 Okay, I figured out what this thing is it is the Z-virus it is a zombie virus. The only way to kill the zombies is destroying the head. The military is trying their best to keep the infection from spreading. I don’t think they are going to last. I have also boarded up the windows just in case.
Day: 3 The military has fallen back and now the electrical power is out and also the virus is now spreading across
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For an example Mr. Johnson a man who has never worked out has become stronger because when he bumped into his car and the alarm went off he flipped it like it was nothing.

Day: 8 I hear that the military is holding off in Atlanta, but we have to be careful because it was once a populated city which was in the millions. We are going to avoid any cities that are bigger than that. We have also managed to get both of the jeeps and leave. We need to armor the jeeps up more. We have pulled over and armored up the jeeps with cow catchers to plow through anything in our way.
Day: 9 We are on the outskirts of Atlanta and there are zombies everywhere around us. They started to rock the jeeps back and forth. I thought we were going to die until I heard gun shots and a tap on the window. I rolled down my window and the soldier said, “I see you all were in trouble, so I thought I lend you a helping hand.’’ I asked him where were they staying he said, at a fort north from here it is a mile up the road we are heading there now.’’ As we followed them up to a giant wall with razor sharp barbwire, sandbags, mounted guns, and guards everywhere.
Day: 10 Everything is fine, but the military is kind of over-protective. All I have to say is at least we are all safe…for now .we were all assigned to lead a group of twelve in case of an emergency.
Day: 11 There has been sightings of more zombies and new mutated. A couple of

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