Fahrenheit 451 Reflection

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The book Fahrenheit (451) by Ray Bradbury was written in the early 1950’s and published in 1953. the book takes place sometime in the twenty-fourth century in a random city. the main characters Guy Montag starts as a fireman, but instead of putting out fires he makes fires by setting books on fire. Montag’s wife Mildred, was sick, she refused to talk to her husband Montag, and she attempted suicide. the 17 year old Clarisse McCellan helps Guy Montag from burning books and talks sense into him. Unlike most of the city Clarisse has odd habits such as hiking and she also loves playing with flowers. Clarisse gets along with her family really well and she is always really excited and happy. The novel has many themes but according to
the themes are knowledge versus
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The reasons why you can benefit from reading it is that it teaches people or how you can change yourself (shmoop).This is demonstrated in the novel for example Guy Montag goes from from not caring about what people say about books and burning them to protection of the books and actually liking. He didn't do this alone he had help from a friend and her name is Clarisse. She is 17 years old and very strange compared to the rest of the town. Another benefit is by showing how to be a individual. In the novel Guy Montag demonstrated this. Montag works as a fireman and is always taking orders to do things if he thinks it's right or wrong. Like burning the books. It's wrong to burn books because one its knowledge and two it's people's property. Also he is a fireman he is suppose to put out fires not make fires. Eventually he meets Clarisse and she talks him into how books are helpful and just talks sense into him to become a individual and independent. Afterwards he saves the books. In conclusion the benefits from reading the books is how to become a individual, and how to change your

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