Fahrenheit 451 Lord Of The Flies Power Analysis

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The Abuse of Power
Using power the right way can bring peace and harmony around the world. On the other hand, power vested in wrong hands can destroy a whole nation. The Book Thief, Lord of the Flies, and Fahrenheit 451 all include incidents portraying the abuse of power. In the novel, The Book Thief, Hitler took control of Germany and abused all the Jew’s rights. He also ordered cities around Germany to hold bonfires to burn all of the books. Lord of The Flies discusses Jack stealing the power from Ralph and starting his own tribe. In Fahrenheit 451, the government abused the people’s rights by burning books everywhere and making technology superior to mankind. These novels depict how manipulation and wrongdoing of power can cause serious
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Jack becomes tired of Ralph being leader so he forms his own tribe. Jack encourages his followers to dance and chant, “‘Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his Blood!’” (152). This ritual is attracting many of the other islanders because Jack is giving them food. Also, Jack is making the others chant and dance so they will forget Ralph's plan on shaping the island's future. When Jack becomes chief of his own tribe, he brings everyone together to form a more unified island. He is trying to force others to join his tribe so it can become superior to Ralph's. This quote showed how Jack is stealing power from Ralph by using it for the wrong reason. Jack becoming chief is different because he is transforming everyone into savages. When more islanders start to join Jack’s tribe, he is planning to eliminate Ralph once in for all. When Ralph talked to Jack about the beast, Ralph asked Jack the question, “‘Why do you hate me?’” (118). Ralph proposed this question because whatever Ralph said, Jack always opposed. From the beginning of this novel, Piggy told Ralph that Jack was trying to eliminate both of them so he could rule the island. This is when Ralph realized the animosity shown towards him. The quote, “At that word the other boys forgot their urge to be gone and turned back to sample this fresh rub of two spirits in the dark” compared Jack and …show more content…
Power should not fall in the wrong hands because it can become abusive and can cause disaster. The Book Thief, Lord of the Flies, and Fahrenheit 451 all incorporate incidents representing abusive power. All of the novels had a different storyline, but there were themes and ideas connecting them all. The characters within each novel questioned their society and often struggled to escape their enemy or abusive leader. These novels portray how the misconduct and malpractice of power can cause major

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