Fahrenheit 451 Character Analysis : Guy Montag Essay

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Fahrenheit 451 Character Analysis: Guy Montag
Guy Montag is a very significant character in the novel Fahrenheit 451. Not only is he the dynamic protagonist of the book, but he also provide great insight on both the theme and the plot of the book. An incredibly complex character, Montag shows how brainwashed a person can become; furthermore, he also shows the good and the bad side of a human, and how one person 's life can change very quickly. Montag is a very conflicted character with an incredible desire to do well for society and for himself. Employed as a firefighter throughout the novel, Montag 's perspective on his job changes very quickly. This commemorates the beginning of Montag 's struggle to find true inner happiness. Montag is an incredible character with extensive significance throughout the novel.
Montag begins to question the order of society he has been brainwashed into by Clarisse McClellan. Before meeting her, guy Montag it thought himself happy – even contented with her life. However, McClellan unintentionally shows Montag a world has never seen before. Clarisse open for Montag doors of never ending knowledge; she showed him that there was more to the world then burning the books people were willing to die for, she showed him a new way to live talking about family and true love. To his credit, Montag took this knowledge to heart. He stole books and acquired knowledge, and even began to question the true meaning of life. He realized his wife truly didn 't…

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