Fahrenheit 451 By William Faulkner Essay

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In the beginning of the novel, Montag was fascinated with fire and the way it ate away at everything in came into contact with. He did not think twice about setting fire to a house that books had been discovered in. He simply did it. He followed along with society instead of forming his own beliefs and opinions about the world. Fahrenheit 451 is about how Montag changes from someone who goes with the flow of society to someone who creates his own path. Many people influence and encourage this change in Montag, but in the end, he decides for himself what he will do. Beatty, the fire chief whom Montag worked for, held the belief that books caused mayhem, and he had an immense dislike for them. He was pessimistic about the contradictions set forth in literature, and like the government, Beatty thought books were bad because they caused disputes among their readers. Montag was blindly following behind Beatty. He had never read a book to be able to form his own opinion about them, so he took the word of others that they were bad for society. A few pages into the book, Montag comes across one of his neighbors, Clarisse, who is “seventeen and insane.” When they first meet, Clarisse asks tons of questions, and her constant inquisition seems to annoy Montag. She would talk about how she thought people driving jet cars perceived their surroundings, and about the man on the moon. Montag told her that she thought too many things, and her response was that she did not watch the…

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