Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury Essay

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Out of all Ray Bradbury’s stories he is most known for Fahrenheit 451, an instant classic full of exploration of themes of censorship and conformity. In Ray Bradbury’s novel, Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury presents a society in which the people are only allowed to know what the government wants them to know, in which free thought is practically illegal and the people are controlled by their technology. The story centers on Guy Montag, a member of the very group responsible for carrying out the censorship, the Firemen. As the story unfolds, Montag begins to realize the truth hidden from the people, and finds himself working against the very group he was a member of.
Fahrenheit 451 takes place in unspecified time period in an unspecified place on Earth. While at first the society seems to be a utopia, full of equality and advanced technology, it is progressively revealed to be corrupt and controlling. The firemen of our time who put our fires are no longer needed as according to the novel houses have been made fireproof; therefore, the firemen changed from a group who put out fires to one that starts fires. They seek out any books and other contraband materials and burn them, “protecting” the people. This group of people is simply one of the means through which the corrupt government in Fahrenheit 451 controls its people and censors information from them. Captain Beatty is the Captain of the firemen, and is portrayed as the antagonist. Beatty considers the acts of the firemen to be…

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