Fahrenheit 451 By F. Bradbury Essay

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Fahrenheit 451

Born into a futuristic, technologically based society, Guy Montag had never thought to question anything. By accepting the way things were, without questioning anything Montag had lived his life in serenity. He was a fireman, which is a well respected individual in his society. A fireman ignites books and houses that contain them. Throughout the book, Montag began to change after he met Clarisse McClellan. All this time Montag had worn his happiness “like a mask” and had claimed that he was happy, even though he wasn’t. He also changed his views on his occupation. Before he changed, Montag had been proud of his job and had felt it was a pleasure to burn. After he witnessed a woman pulverise herself for her books, he perceived a melancholy attitude for his job. He did not want to continue doing his job and even skipped a shift because he felt sick of it. He began to discern that there were people behind everything that was written, no matter what the document was. He also changed his views on his relationship with his wife. Montag and his wife did not have a very good correspondence and sometimes referred to her as “the wife” instead of by her name. Mildred did not pay much attention to Montag because she was too busy with her virtual family on the wall-TV. Montag had been curious in the past about books and had hidden a stockpile of them in his house, but had never wanted to pursue the knowledge that was inside them. Montag began to change his opinions…

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