Fahrenheit 451 And Hunger Games Essay

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Fahrenheit 451 and Hunger Games as Dystopian Fiction

A dystopia is a term used to describe a universe where there is a great measure of societal control, and an intention of a perfect society are made through tight control. These controls can be corporate, bureaucratic, technological, moral, or totalitarian control. Dystopian societies have characteristics in which keep them apart from others. For example, a dystopian society may use propaganda to control the citizens of the society. It might restrict information, independent thought, and freedom. Citizens may have a fear of the outside world, and may be perceived to be under constant surveillance. A dystopian society proposes an illusion of a perfect set society. The book Fahrenheit 451 and the movie The Hunger Games are both great examples of a dystopian society. Fahrenheit 451 is a classic book in which the characters are banned and restricted from reading books. There were people from the society who were known as ‘firemen’, but this was not your ordinary fireman. These fireman would start fires to burn the existence of any book a person had. If a person was caught with a book or books, their house of wherever they had the books at, would be burned to ashes, and they would have to face severe punishments if they survived. In this novel, a dystopian society is displayed throughout a bureaucratic and a technological control. The bureaucratic control comes from lack of information from the books they…

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