Fade Haircuts Research Paper

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55 Fade Haircuts: Good Looking Styles For Every Guy
Fade haircuts are similar to taper haircuts; a gradual shortening in the length of the hair towards the back and sides. The main difference between a taper and a fade is that with a fade the hair is radically shorter and usually ends with no hair around the back and sides, known as a bald fade. There are also more subtle versions like the temple and nape fade as well as edgier looks like the disconnected undercut and the faux hawk style. Today we’re looking at some of the best examples of these fade haircuts:

# 1 Low Fade with Shape Up
In this picture, we see a low taper cut ending in a bald fade. The model's hair is thicker around the crown level, allowing the model to show off the
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He’s wearing the locks combed over on the other side with a little flip in front to soften the look.

# 9 Faded with Color
Fade hairstyles can also work well with colored hair, like this pumpkin orange shade. For this look, the stylist combined a bald fade and a hard straight parting along the side together with longer kinky hair on top.

# 10 Pattern Perfection
Razor line art like this is trendy at the moment but it requires steady hands and skill. This model is wearing spiky line work on the side, a shape up in front, and a high fade.

# 11 Metro Look with Blonde Highlights
This model is wearing a clean metrosexual look with brushed back hair down the center and a graded fade on the sides. To add structure to the style they also added a high hard parting.

# 12 High Rise with Blended Sides
We love the lift created here! The stylist layered the hair longer to shorter front to back down the center and performed a skillful fade down the sides.

# 13 Faux Hawk Style
The faux hawk style features high faded sides with longer hair down the center up to the nape of the neck. This is a slightly edgier fade look, well suited to younger men who enjoy wearing a spiky style.

# 14 Side Part

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