Fad2230 Exam 1 Study Guide Essay

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Chapter 1: Why Study Families & Other Close Relationships
Family: a relationship by blood, marriage, or affection, in which members may cooperate economically, may care for children, & may consider their identity to be intimately connected to the larger group.
The U.S. Census Bureau
Two or more people living together who are related by birth, marriage, or adoption.
Family of Orientation: the family that you are born into.
Family of procreation: the Family you make through marriage, partnering, &/or parenthood.
Fictive kin: Nonrelatives whose bonds are strong & intimate.
Marriage: an institutional agreement between persons to publicly recognize social & intimate bonds.
William Stevens
Socially legitimate sexual union
Begun with a
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6 or more children servants & slaves
Colonial America: African Americans & Slavery
Industrialization, Urbanization, & Immigration
Changed family life in the U.S.
19th-20th century
Transformed system
From small family farms to large urban industries.
Away from home
Moving from rural areas/farms to urban areas.
In search of jobs
Dispersed extended families
Vast distances
Couldn’t communicate every day
People from Europe & Asia came to U.S.
Hopes of better life
Cheap labor
Fueled industrialization
1830-1930: 30 million immigrants half workers in industrial settings were immigrants
The Poor & Working Class
Middle & Upper Class
The Rise of the “Modern” Family – The 20th Century
Major Events
World Wars
Separated families
Men injured/killed
Women in labor market
Technological innovation
Suburban residential patterns
Move into cities
Kitchen appliances
Companionate family: a marriage based on mutual affection, sexual attraction, compatibility, & personal happiness.
“MRS. Degree”
Average marriage aged dropped
Birth rate increased
Families Today
Never isolated from outside event & the social structure in which they

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